GRANA ET VINA - Authentic Italian Cuisine
Cola Cola
"Cola Cola" is the name given to a wind instrument with a monotonous sound in the shape of a rooster, an animal sacred to St. Michael, protector of my hometown   Gravina, it is the symbol of the town reviving after barbaric distruction in christian faith.
Fagottino di Mozzarella
 Fagottino di Mozzarella
Mozzarella cheese stuffed with salad,
a great summer dish low in calories. A homemade invention of Chef Domenico Cardano. 
Scallops Gratinate
Cialda or nest of Parmiggiano cheese with organic mixed greens
and fresh scallops cooked au gratin, very light!!!!
Marinated Salmon
With a bed of iceberg salad and grilled asparagus.