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"Grana Et Vina" comes from the Latin words “grain and vines". This is also where the name

Gravina in Puglia (my hometown) finds it's origins.

My culinary philosophy is based on the traditional cuisine born in my homeland, the very land of the Mediterranean which gave me a love for natural, organic and seasonal ingredients.  


In my youth, I traveled through Europe with a folkloristic dancing group. Between polkas and tarantellas,   I promoted and shared my local cuisine, wine and popular traditions.

In Apulia we are known for our delicious bread, focaccia, burrata, orecchiette and cavatelli pastas and our fresh produce which are all important in the Mediterranean cuisine.

I exeperienced working for well known restaurants, hotels and catering from south to northern Italy.

Grana Et Vina offers, catering, private chef and cooking classes.

Chef Domenico Cardano 

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